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support for RFC 2349?

first post: smcwilli wrote: Hello, I am wondering if you support RFC 2349 in this TFTP server...

latest post: jpmikkers wrote: Yes, it supports RFC 2349.

TFTP server is hang up after some time

first post: patilvv wrote: Hi , I am using the TFTP server on windows. (windows 7 & 2008 ). ...

latest post: oktopus wrote: Thank you very much for the provided patch. I tested it and can con...

Best practice for debugging TFTP Server using Visual Studio 2010

first post: oktopus wrote: Hello, I'm new to programming in C# but now I have to try to add so...

latest post: jpmikkers wrote: Hi, I think what I would do is rewrite the .exe to run the TFTP in...


first post: jpmikkers wrote: Any comments? Leave them here!

latest post: jpmikkers wrote: Hi, I'm glad you found it useful. The TFTP protocol limitations can...

CLI for TFTP server is available?

first post: pchitnis wrote: Hi, I would like to know if I can configure the TFTP server to use ...

Well done

first post: mschippasi wrote: This is very helpfull. Thanks

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